Our Design Process

Our design approach breaks down the scale of your project into smaller manageable pieces. We use this process to better define the steps needed to tackle each project, regardless of size, while flushing out ideas along the way:

1. Define the Objective

Tell us a little bit about the piece you'd like us to make, so we have a clear idea of what the project is, what it will be used for, where it might live in your home or business, and any style or finish requirements for the room.

2. Collect Information

We collect tear sheets, sketches, photographs and other resources to build on your original inspiration.

3. Brainstorm and Analyze Ideas

We begin to sketch, make, and study so you can visually understand how the information we've collected impacts the design.

4. Develop Solutions

We'll take your preliminary ideas and formulate initial mock-ups of your piece.

5. Gather Feedback

We'll present our ideas to you for insightful comments.

6. Review

Reflecting on all of your feedback, we'll review and incorporate. It may be necessary to take your comments back through the Design Process to refine and clarify them.

7. Award and Move on to Production

When you're ready to move forward, award the project and we'll move into the production phase of the project schedule.

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