Fulton Four Post Bed

Urban Steel Designs



This is one of our newer bed designs, with a Mission design influence that adds a timeless style and elegance to your home.

Bed Sizes

Available in Full, Queen, King and CalKing bed sizes. The following guide provides measurements:

Our Standard Bed Frame Sizes (Assembled)

Bed Size

 Bed Width

Bed Length

Bed Height


55.25 in.

82.5 in.

80 in.


61.25 in.

87.5 in.

80 in.


77.25 in.

87.5 in.

80 in.


73.25 in.

91.5 in.

80 in.

For reference, here are industry standard mattress sizes (dimensions):

Mattress Size

 Mattress Width

Mattress Length


54 in.

75 in.


60 in.

80 in.


76 in.

80 in.


72 in.

84 in.

Standard Features
  • Strong 3" Steel Tubing Frame

  • Multiple finish options (learn more)

  • Reinforced attachment points for rock solid stability ("squeak free" and "built like a tank are common references")

  • Lower bed rail height at 8" from the floor, 5" of clearance under bed rail (adjustments to height can be requested)

  • Three (3) box spring support system slats are standard (King sizes include center leg support)

  • Ring hoops on bottom bed rails (set of 4) as anchors to keep box spring in place

  • Delivery into your home is included in our shipping costs (learn more). Installation can be requested but is dependent on the local delivery team's policies. They will charge for extra time on site, which would be your responsibility to arrange when your delivery appointment is scheduled.

NOTE: This bed is also available in a raised Platform Bed Frame (mattress-only) style. The standard platform bed rail height is modified to 15" from floor, with 12" of height under the bed rails (adjustments to height can be requested).



  • Recommended for all beds with landing points above the pillow level (for safety reasons). Note that magnetic votive lighting can be added to uppermost bed rails on our four post beds just above the headboard pattern.

  • Recommended quantities by size: Full (5), Queen (5) or King/CalKing Size (6) (2" Clear or Frosted votive glass available for an additional charge)


  • Can be added to top rails for any bed style and bed size.

  • Adds 4 D-Rings along both sides of Top Bed Rails (in matching position to standard Bottom Bed Rails) to support Top Cross Bars (see below).


  • Requires the addition of Top Rail Rings to your Top Bed Rails

  • Can be added to Any Size Bed

  • Sold as a set of 4

  • Each bar comes with removable caps for easy install and removal.

Our platform frame is constructed as most mattress-only style bed platform, for those not wishing to use a standard box spring on their bed.

We simply raise the lower bed rails to a height where a mattress would normally meet a box spring, and add additional bed slats to close the gaps a bit more. NOTE: we do, however, recommend a rigid base, low profile (2-3") boxspring, or bunkie board underneath to protect the mattress and prevent the sagging of the mattress between the slats - to avoid slat movement and potential noise. We recommend searching Amazon.com for bunkie boards based on the size of the bed you're ordering - sold separately and not included. It provides a modified bed rail height of 15" from floor, which subsequently provides 12" of height under the bed rails. Adjustments to these heights can be requested (higher or lower), but bear in mind the effect this might have on the foot board pattern, and your potential use of a sling at the foot of the bed. (learn more about this option)


  • Can be added to any bed style and any bed size

  • Adds a top rail to the top of the footboard to essentially create a complete cube. The standard design of our four-post beds leaves this portion of the footboard open so it is NOT a complete cube.


Adjusts the build of our four-post beds to ship in smaller pieces. Follow the link to learn more if you think you might have difficulty getting the pieces of this frame into your home. Please also allow 2 additional weeks lead time (in addition to our standard lead times) for the completion of any de-constructed bed frame. (Learn more)

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