Our Production Process

When an order has been submitted through our web site, by phone, in person, via purchase order, or is moving to its next step after our design process, your project officially starts its production process.
We will review the specifications of your order or project, and confirm details on pricing, materials, project team and timing.
Project ID/Order # is assigned and project is entered into our production queue. Your project team will review specifications again, confirming details in advance of work commencing. Once project and any special requests are evaluated and confirmed, materials are aligned to the project and cut lists are generated to begin the fabrication process.
Fabrication table is assigned and items are produced/manufactured according to the specifications provided.
Once produced, items are assembled (if applicable) on a flat surface to verify alignment. First quality control (QC) check is completed. If QC requires adjustments, items are returned to the table and the QC process begins again. Once QC is approved, a photo of the order is taken in its current status and shared with the customer.
Order is finalized, and prepped for offsite release to powdercoating (or any special finish requested). Finish is applied.
Finished orders are returned to the fabrication studio and another QC inspection begins on final finish. Items are assembled (if applicable) to be certain no coating materials are present in threads or assembly points. If time allows, another photograph of the finished product (assembled) is taken and shared with the customer.
Once final QC is complete, items are wrapped and shipment tracking paperwork begins to coordinate logistics.
Tracking information is shared with customer and the order starts its journey to its new home (tracking details will provide estimated delivery date). Customer contact information is shared with our shipping company, and the shipping company will contact and coordinate with the customer directly to arrange a date, time and delivery window that's suitable to the customer's schedule.