Custom Made Furniture

Custom Bed FrameTo say we have a love affair with making interesting, sophisticated, quality furniture with steel at its core would be a sincere understatement.

We've been fabricating beautiful, timeless furniture pieces (beds, tables, nightstands, light fixtures, and more) for more than 15 years. With the "look" of wood, but the "touch & strength" of metal, we've built relationships with many happy customers.

It started with the need to build a solid frame around a beautiful antique Indonesian Door Carving we imported many years ago. The solid nature of the frame, with it's beautiful wood-like quality, gave us our start. But the innovative pieces that followed gave us our enduring reputation for quality, functionality and beautiful design form.

Shop from the many pieces we have in our store, request a modest modification to any of them, or work with us to design something you can call your own.

See some examples of our Table and Seating Work

See some examples of our Bed Work