Terms & Conditions

Terms of Sale

Please read and agree to the following terms of your bed/furniture sale. You will required to accept these Terms of Sale prior to placing your order.

I have read and agree to the Urban Steel Designs, Inc. shipping guidelines, and recognize that I meet the standard delivery requirements, or have contacted Urban Steel Designs, Inc. to discuss my potential special delivery needs as requested, prior to placing my order. I have also measured and have determined the merchandise I am ordering will fit into my home.

I have read and agree to the Urban Steel Designs, Inc. Returns & Warranties policies in addition to their Shipping & Deliveries policies.

I understand that each bed or furniture item that I purchase from this site is not carried in stock by Urban Steel Designs, Inc., and that each piece of furniture is considered custom and made to order based on how I configure the bed or furniture item (i.e. size, finish, accessories, etc.).

I understand there is a lead time for all beds and furniture orders and that Urban Steel Designs, Inc. will do it best to notify me of any dramatic changes (greater than or less than 2 weeks as outlined in the FAQs section of the site) to that estimated lead time. If the merchandise is done early, I have the right to delay delivery no more than 4 weeks from the original date of purchase.

I understand that placing my custom furniture order online requires full prepayment in order to be entered into a production queue that secures a production position with the current lead times. I also understand that I do have the option to place my order by phone to make alternative payment arrangements with Urban Steel Designs, Inc.

I understand that any additional shipping charges above and beyond the shipping services I have paid-for that may be required to deliver my merchandise due to my not fully familiarizing myself with the Urban Steel Designs, Inc. shipping guidelines, are at my expense and will be paid to the authorized delivery company directly to complete that delivery.

I have one staircase (14 total steps or less), or an elevator of appropriate size to accommodate my purchase into my home. I recognize that any additional shipping fees charged by North American Van Lines/STI (NAVL/STI) associated with additional stairwells or conditions that I have not disclosed may require me to pay additional shipping fees to NAVL/STI directly to complete my delivery.

I understand that I am required to fully inspect all furniture deliveries upon arrival and prior to signing the drivers receipt, that I will note any or all damages to packaging or merchandise prior to final sign-off. Otherwise, I will risk voiding my insurance and will be unable to file any insurance claims against Urban Steel Designs, Inc.

I understand that once I’ve scheduled in-home delivery, I am scheduling the time allotted with my delivery team. Any changes on my end must be communicated to the shipping (dispatch) person I made the appointment with and confirmed. If I miss my delivery appointment, or additional challenges in delivery that were perhaps not communicated at the time of order are discovered (i.e. tight stairwells, inaccessible areas, bed will not fit into home, etc.), those additional expenses become my responsibility and will be charged directly by the shipping company.

I have read and agreed to all of the above terms.